The Alleviator ® was built with power, and performance in mind! It has three variable speeds and is for anyone that is looking to warm up and/or recover before and after their physical activity.

Our product is one of the quietest, and most advanced percussion massage devices on the market. It has brush-less high-torque 60w motor, it's cordless, lightweight and was designed for ease of use anywhere. It's TSA approved and is easily transported in your carry-on bag.

Using your new Alleviator ®
For areas of pain, please follow the steps below.


Move the Alleviator ® vertically, starting below the hip to right above your kneecap.


Glide the Alleviator ® to relieve areas of tension. Apply pressure to comfort level.


While seated, move the Alleviator ® from the top of the calf to above the Achilles.


Move the Alleviator ® horizontally across the pec. Apply gentle pressure to all areas of soreness.


Use the Alleviator ® fork attachment to pinpoint areas of soreness in the foot.


Pinpoint areas of tension around the forearm using the Alleviator ® fork attachment.

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